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On this ’Töissä täällä’ (at work here) webpage you can find information on the recruitment of skilled employees, subsidies, tools and services. This page is maintained by the Töissä täällä -network.


Here in Southwest Finland, there are over 30,000 competent professionals with languages other than Finnish as their mother-tongue, who are motivated to work in their own field of expertise and who can provide useful knowledge and abilities to prospective employers. In addition to their professional knowledge, workers from other countries can offer their international competence, language skills and fresh perspectives and ideas. Multicultural work environments are beneficial for employers and for companies, as well as for their clients.


There are many tools available to support recruitment.
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Workers of the world

Immigrants in Finland have many different kinds of abilities, experiences and education. Hence, immigrants have a lot to offer as seasoned experts, motivated and rigorous workers or even as a helping pair of hands. In a multicultural working environment, people have the chance to learn from each other and to develop as professionals.

A good induction

A good induction solves most problems before they even have the chance to surface. Multicultural working environments open new doors and bring new perspectives to the table, and also support language development. A supportive working environment and a good induction motivate employees into long-term work agreements and encourage an independent work ethic, for the benefit of everyone.

Permission to work in Finland

When an immigrant resides permanently in Finland, they have an unlimited right to work, and hiring them works the same way as anybody else’s. Almost all residence permits include the right to work in Finland. Also asylum seekers have the right to work either 3 or 6 months after their arrival in Finland.

The right to work

The employer is expected to verify a foreigner’s right to work. The right to work must be checked before the creation of any work contract. You can verify a person’s right to work from their residence permit card or their passport. Asylum seekers’ right to work can be verified from the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri.




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